Naval History Museum

Acapulco has a long tradition as a harbor. From the first inhabitants to the Spanish who used it to open the trade route with the far east, and nowadays with the cruise ships, Acapulco has always been closely involved with the ocean and boats. The Na

There is 2 main attractions in the museum. One is the large library offering hundreds of documents and books retracing the history of Acapulco from the maritime point of view. There are blue prints of boats from the Spanish Galleons to the modern boats, and many documents about the famous Acapulco - Manila route, explaining the importance of the trade with the Far East Asia. You will find plenty of artifacts from the trade between Europe (mainly Spain) and the Philippine Islands.

Other interesting area is the boat workshop, where you will find dozens of replica of the famous boats which made Acapulco history. There is the exact replica of a Spanish workshop where you can see the process and the building of a galleon.

The museum is located inside the shopping center Plaza Bahia, on Hidalgo Street number 35 in downtown Acapulco. Being one of the few museums in a Mall, allows an easy access by taxi or bus from La Costera Avenue.

The Museum also offers a small shop with souvenirs and handicrafts from Acapulco.

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