Acapulco Zona Dorada

Acapulco Zona Dorada, also called the Mexican Sunset Boulevard, extends from the Naval Base all along the beach until the Papagayo Park located at the Acapulco bay’s opposite end.

Acapulco "Zona Dorada", also called the Mexican Sunset Boulevard, extends from the Naval Base all along the beach until the Papagayo Park, located at the Acapulco bay’s opposite end. This boisterous location is considered the heart of Acapulco and most day and night activities and attractions are found here. Costera Miguel Aleman mostly runs through Acapulco "Zona Dorada". Flanking the bay’s northern and western shores are beaches Condesa, Hornitos and Icacos. At Northwest, Acapulco "Zona Dorada" is bordered with the area called Traditional Acapulco. At southeast, the Scenic Highway begins and leads to "Puerto Marques" and to Acapulco Diamond.

Acapulco "Zona Dorada" is by far the most important section regarding lodging options. Beautiful high hotels draw an amazing skyline that ranks among those in San Francisco or Rio de Janeiro. From some them, breathtaking views of this world-known bay can be enjoyed. In sum, here are more than the half of the hotel rooms that the port offers. Main hotels are, of course, in Acapulco "Zona Dorada".

At the same time, here are many and varied options for restaurants, bars, and nightlife entertainment. You can choose a luxury dinner on a ship to enjoy the bay, a traditional show to learn about Mexican costumes, or you can visit any of the modern clubs to testify and to be part of the wildest parties of Acapulco. Undoubtedly, music of "mariachis" is a great choice.

Walking on "La Costera" or Miguel Aleman Avenue, is to be in the heart of Acapulco, indeed. You will find many shopping malls to get from traditional craftsmanship to clothes of recognized designers.

Acapulco Zona Dorada features water parks with slides and shows with dolphins that you should not miss. Besides, nice beaches in in this zone are del Morro, that allows swimmers to enjoy peaceful waves as well as golden sand; famous Condesa beach with stronger waves, specially in summer, is located here too; Icacos is a soft sand beach with strong waves in the summer and more peaceful ones other periods of the year.

Acapulco "Zona Dorada" extends along the well-known Bay of Acapulco. Many cruiser lines come from the United States to harbor in the peer, located in this zone.


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