Where Are The Best Parties in Puerto Vallarta?

I am 20 and am going to Puerto Vallarta in a month today, I am looking for some good party spots can you help me??


Go downtown to the Zoo or right around there. There are a few places that get pretty packed. Be prepared to spend a lot of money on drinks though - I think small margaritas (which were watered down and advertised at 2 for 1) were $10-12. Yeah, I guess it┬┤s $5-6/drink, but they were small and watery. Just hop a cab and ask for El Centro - the driver will take you right down to that area.

the best parties in vallarta are in te christine club and collage, teh collage have a mardy grass and a foam party and the girls are soo nasty yeahh

i think the ZOO was the best,spent many early mornings there. and the place just further down (forgot the name) wasnt bad


does anyone know of a bar/restaurant names CyCy's

I would start at tequilas just to get a buz happening try the margritas i recomend them as told from someone else to try them gaurantee wont be dissapointed when finish one maybe drink 2 more ya will be ready to party if ya there early try the burros bar on beach very intersting than hit downtown get the coco locos very good you will find it better yet take a taxi to el cino hotel ya will find the place very quickly the market place is there too so just asked about the coco locos they will tell ya look for the coconuts all in a window than later on go to zoo and it is what it says it is a zoo the place is packed i went there with a local working at tequilas had a great time we both got a litle buzzed hope to see them again but now im off to can cun in nov see what the party life has to offer there than carlos o brians christines supose to be good cologe was dead when i was there depends on the night i guess

i,ve heard of it dont recall where it is someone told me about that place

that was for cy cy

go too Roxy on downtown,and Zoo is also very good


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