Club Embaracadero Pacifico

first time to pv. does this hotel supply botttled water daily to the rooms, more info on the hotel would be great!!


No, they do not supply water or beer in the rooms, in fact water is more expensive to purchase than a bottle of Corona! The Hotel was pretty nice although it did have a sewer smell and there were wierd bugs in the bathroom. We had a great time and the staff was very friendly. It was my first time in Mexico and we went with 17 people, so we had tons of fun. I would definitly go to the Collage Night Club were they a foam party. The tourist market was also a neat experience, but dont expect Mexico to be cheap. The food and everything else is just as expensive as Canada. We spent a ton of money down there. Also, do the Dune Buggy tour!!! It is wicked!


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