Puerto Vallerta in November?

I'm planning to go PV for the first time with my family. What are the good place to stay, eat, and relax? How's the city like after those hurricanes?


ya can stay at pelicanos huge resort theres a mexican restraunt right across from the liquor store very authentic very good ate there a lot also lots of shops there internet cafe laundry services massage places its like a mall a few restraunts as well hidden with in the mall venture out in it ya will like it but the mall is up at the pelicanos hotelfast to downtown by taxi if ya take to downtown with taxi stop at el cino hotel than ya will be in the right place for market souvers vendor etc dont for get to cross the bridges when downtown there is alot more to see ya can stay at qualton club a nice hotel any thing else ya can ask here ill fill ya in on more info

Super Bowl Sunday........Don't know what I'm doing on here! Anyway, do go into Old Town and go to the tile factory. Here they make exquisite ceramic stuff. Dishes, tiles and even hand painte sinks. We bought a sink which they wrapped for us, even with a handle so we brought it safely home as a carry-on. Enjoy the sunshine.


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