Anyone hear of Dichbe´ll blue agave tequila distillery in Coz.?

I´m trying to find out more information about a store/distillery I visited in Cozumel. The owner´s name is Alvaro Santiago. Dichbe´ll was name of the store and I believe we were in Punta Langosta shopping center. The guy must make a ton of money from cruise ship passengers coming in his store...I know between my husband and I, and another couple that was in the store while we were there, he sold almost $500 worth of tequila to us. However, I can´t seem to find any information about him, his distillery or store on the internet??? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!!


When I visited Cozumel I also stopped into this store and bought some tequila. I really like it a lot, but I was wondering what the actual proof of the tequila is. If you could get back to me I greatly appreciate it.

A firend of mine got some Dichbe´ll tequila on a cruise. I used to be a rum fan, but this is the stuff that turned me on to tequilla; it is very smooth and mild with a pleasent flavor. I wish it were availible localy or even over the net.

its 100 proof and it is so delicious. my friends and i got some last week when we stopped in cozumel on a cruise. we even got a free bottle for getting fifteen people to try free shots!

I just got 2 bottles Friday. I originally picked up a bottle of mango flavor. They said I needed to taste it and put a touch of Carnation canned milk into the shot. Then he had me try the pomegranite with a touch of lime. YUM! I bought both (500ml each) which came to about $92us. The pomegranite label reads Mr. Sancho´s Mezcal con gusano and has 80 proof/40% alc. vol on the label. The mango label reads Mexcaleria 100% agave but does not have an alochol content or proof on it. Anyone have a clue on that one? I didn´t catch that till I unpacked on the boat.

Doh! I was the post above today (2-5-07). I looked closer at the woven bag the store gave me and realized the name is really Dichbe´H. I did a google search and found a site that mentions the producers site, but the link was invalid. The search continues....

OH MY GOODNESS! I am not the only one!! I have never had tequila so good. And I don´t like tequila. My husband and I went in December on a cruise and we LOVED it! Definately want a presence in the states!

I bought some a couple weeks ago. I was looking for an almond flavored tequila liqueur, which was pretty popular among my mom´s set in the 70´s. The Dichbe store was out of Almond, but I bought a couple small bottles of coconut and vanilla flavored. I really love the taste and smoothness of this drink. But to clarify: Dichbe is NOT tequila. It´s mezcal. Kind of a Cognac/Brandy thing. To be called tequila, a liquor must be distilled in the Tequila Region, around Guadalajara. Dichbe is distilled in Oaxaca (certainly a fine region, especially for mezcal!) I am certainly no snob against mezcal, in fact, often I prefer it. But the Dichbe store prices are much higher than the market will typically bear for a good tequila. It is awfully expensive for mezcal. I was willing to pay because the flavors were pretty unusual (and I had to get back to the ship!)

we too are looking for this treat. We bought it about 4 years ago and it wasn´t used until just recently. The number on our bottle is 01 951 52 201 86 Maybe this is a phone number to try. Goog Luck

I just came back from cozumel and bought acouple of bottles. The proof is 40%. I bought the strawberry it is amazing.

we also bought 3 botles and its great. i was also looking on the net for more info on how too bye more with no luck. good luck on finding more with out a cruse ticket. Va. Beach Va.

Boy this stuff is really good, but I almost fainted when I heard the price! Good thing for him I just got off the party boat with unlimited beer and marg., or I sure wouldn´t have spent $8x.xx on 2 bottles. He sure saw our group coming! LOL We all bought some!

A bunch of us also bought a few bottles at this place. Definitely a unique and smooth flavor. This would go over BIG in the U.S.!

YES, YES, YES!!! Since we bought 3 bottles (2 mango, 1 coconut) on Cozumel we´ve been kicking our selves in the booty for not getting more! I truely hope he does open a place in Las Vegas. This is the best I´ve ever had and MUST get more. Keep all the updates going so we may all benefit from the latest info!!!

Oh, and let me add that the back of our mango bottle says the name is dichbe´h not dichbe´ll. The style of writing certainly makes it look like 2 L´s. The label also say´s Mr. Sancho´s which I tried online with little result. Keep the forum up!!!

Yes, the stuff is excellent, also on a cruise in Jan. I walked away with 4 btls. pomagranet, mango, passion fruit, and the blue bottle, course before i bought i had to have a sample, he just put a splash of pineapple juice and a twist of lime, oooooooh sooooo good, was nice and shared with friends back home and they love it also. Boy i sure hope he gets the store open vegas, know there will be alot of HAPPY customers

it is so funny an damathing taht so mamy people are also trying to get thist meczal i have some photos to get sem to some wholesaler trying to get some MORE! - no responce till now I was on cruise to cuzumle and bought the Bottle - only one ;-( at the mal near the port.

hello i was in Cozumel some time ago and olsa like to buy more of this dream! did anyone already get some stuff from Alvaro? can you recommend? please help?!

HEY Ya'll!!!!! love the stuff looking for more

Keep this msg board rolling. Wife and I bought some back in april on our cruise and cant wait to get our hands on more. We bought the blue bottle. Sent and email to the guy but never got a reply

i also sent a email but get the answer, taht he would chek how much shipping cost; but thats 2 month ago since i sent 2 email without response


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