Melia Resort in Cozumel

What can anyone tell me about this resort? Is it worth the money?


Its a really nice resort very good food and service. water was stained, but the beach next door is sky blue and you snorkle over there. The pool bar was great and friendly.plenty of beach chairs.And did I say the food was good.if the water isnĀ“t the only purpose of your vist this is a great place.

By the way we were there in june of 2005.

What do you mean, the water was stained??? How was the snorkeling.

snorkeling was great, when I went in 2004. The hotel staff went out of their way for you. Food was good and plentifull, one restaurant in the resort does call for you to have reservations..get them!!!!! Go every night if you like, it was out of this world.Made the stay extra special.


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