calling US from Cozumel on cingular cell phone

My son is having trouble calling the US from Cozumel on his cell phone. Can anyone let me know the magic formula, so I can let him know by email? Thanks.


Wow, tough question. He'd rather buy call card for Telmex (LADA brand land card phones)worth 50, 100, 200 pesos and use it. Roaming rates in verizon/ Cingular will kill U

Where do you get these calling cards?

You can get it in any shop and minimarket in the city. But the best way is call over Internet, there are many service providers, you can call wherever around the world and you have support in the page. Search Gizmo in google.

Get your account and phone activated for international'll have to do that a store or 611 in usa...have fun


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