Safety in Playa del Carmen?

We┬┤re staying at Royal Porto Real for a week in March...what is there for a couple of 50 year-old single women for fun nightlife? (Yes, we can still dance! Lol!) Is it safe to go to other resorts at night? Safe transportation?


Well the best suggestion I can offer is MAMBO CAFE::::on calle 6 between 5th Ave. & 10th...the Music is fabulous and the dancing is all night....lots of salsa,mambo etc. Also there is a new bar called Medio Bodega..Cuban bar in the Paseo Del Carmen on the south end of 5th ave. in the new mall.....great Mojitos too !!! Otherwise, just peoplewatching along 5th Ave, at places like: The Glass Bar...5th Ave. & 10th, or Tequilla Barrel on 5th ave. Between 10th & 12th......there is alot to do... Safe walking anywhere....and really there are no clubs inside the Hotels to speak of...everything is along the 5th Ave. !!!!!


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