Swimwear shops in playa del carmen

Went to Playa del Carmen last month and spied a swimsuit that I loved, but couldn´t afford, in a store next door to the McDonalds at the Playacar end of town. Can anyone tell me the name of the store? I know there was another one further on down 5th (I think), and my web searches have turned up little help.


it is calles ZINGARA and it is the mos expensive swimsuit shop in town, I to have a swimsuit there that I love but it is beyond my limit, There is aldo another good one called SLICK in the italian part of the 5th avenue, they have some for 500 to 900 pesos.

will someone help me with the name of an italian swimwear shop- something like masaquena- on quinta avenida? very expensive bathingsuits and coverups but cant find on the web. The name is Masquenada, but I guess they don´t have a website.

The name is Masquenada, but I guess they don´t have a website.

I was just there too, and wanted to buy a Masquenada suit. Does anyone know if they can be purchased in the United States or the manufacturer permit web purchases? The site above does not.

or perhaps have the telephone number of the store to call in an order??Well the site has contact information why don´t you try to e-mail them?

I live in Thailand and have some bikini's and beachwear shops where I sell Masquenada,made in Florence,at the moment the company is busy reorganizing so that's why you can't find information.I can tell you that it's really worth it to spend the money on a masquenada bikini......

We were in Playa and found Bari and My Fair swimwear, but can't find the line anywhere on line, any ideas?

Go back to Playa and buy while you are there.

I returned from Play today and spotted the Masquenada swimwear collection at a shop on 5th. I was hoping to find more information on this line of suits by browsing the internet. No luck. Great suits!! Should have made the purchase while in Playa. Will be going to Italy in May and hope I will be lucky enough to find them again.

Does anyone know the name of the boutique on 5th that sells the masquenada line?

Yes the name is Masquenada

I JUST got back and the suits are amazing!!! Also look at the Zaniga

and eat on 5th Ave at Sol...outdoor dining...food is NYC top Notch

I bought a "My Fair" bathing suit while I was in Playa. It was pricey but my husband loved it. I got it at a store called "the bikini shop" They had some high end bathing suits there.

I was in october in Playa del Carmen...On the mainsreet I found a swimwearshop (near tequilahouse,but other side).They sell some bikinis (very coloured,funny style) and it was made in Columbia.Does anyone know the name of the company?

I just went from Playa and bought a bikini there by Masquenada. I have a store in Portugal and want to sell there that brand but it is getting difficult to get the contact. Does anyone knows?

I just got back from Playa and I indeed fell in love with the line of Suits called Maaji I stopped in one of the stores on 5th ave, but did not want to pay over $100 for each piece. They are really nice, colorful and have many different designs for different body shapes. The material was really nice. 5th ave is so expensive, may be able to find them more affordable somewhere else. I believe there is a website.

I am searching for the Masquenada swimsuit as well. Did anyone find where to buy? THere is a site lilylola.com in the UK that sells them but does anyone have any other info that I can find?

lol I am in same predicament... saw a swimsuit in a store across from starbucks, and it was expensive, now i want it, and can't find which store it was in. btw what did it look like?



Remember: No phone numbers, no email addresses and no website urls.