Groceries in Playa del Carmen

We are going to be at a timeshare resort (Mayan Palace) in early Feb. It is our first time in a suite with no all inclusive. Any suggestions on getting groceries in/around Playa Del Carmen. I hear there is a Walmart - but I donĀ“t know if you can get food there.


We are going in Feb. as well and I hear that the Walmart is one of the cheapest places to get groceries.

Just like home. Can you buy beer there as well?

There is a large grocery store (mall like) at the 2nd or 3rd light on the main highway in Play del carmen... prices are not bad at all and by the time you paid gas or transportation to the Wal-Mart near Cancun you would be time and money ahead to just buy what you want in Playa.... the resort has a "grocery" if you want to pay triple the price of Playa.... Buy Beer and soft drinks in town as well!! Have a great trip

What type's of food's should we AVOID when shopping for groceries in Playa or surrounding area's

There is a Sam's Club in Playa so I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a Walmart also. Does anyone know for sure. We're renting a condo Puerto Aventuras in early January 2007.

I am in Playa right now and have shopped for groceries at the Walmart. It is at the corner of 30th and 8th,within walking distance of the beach hotels (if you feel like carrying your groceries). It is very much like home!

We were wondering if they have Motts Clamato Juice or Ginger Ale in Playa Del Carmen

they don't have mott's clamato juice in playa del carmen. I have bringing mine from home for 3 years.

can anyone tell if they have been to Puerto Adventuras, we are planning on bringing 3 teenagers there lots to do and explore for them?


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