is casa del agua the best place to eat?

where to eat in playa del carmen


going to playa tomorrow and casa is on my list too.Looking forward to a lovely experience. We are all inclusive at the occidetal but always have a couple of special meals out. Looked at the menu and it looks wonderful

I opened this thred back in august o6 and would like to thank you all for your interest and information. Hope you all enjoy the experience

Thank you so much for the information! I went to La Casa del Agua and it was an unforgetable evening! everything was great! nice people and great food!

Just got back from playa its my third visit so gave casa a try after reading the site comments. The place is better than ever got to say, move over gordon ramsey. Please try this place anyone going to playa its out of this world. If somethings not on the menu they will accomadate you anyway.

Go to La Casa del Agua! should try this place, everything was wonderful, ambience, food, people, amazing wine list...

4th time at casa never leave playa without giving it a visit. Superb as usual anh, how do the mexicans remember you after a whole year,but they always do. Pity there arnt more sites like this one for all the eateries in playa. Keep up the good standards all you creative darlings at casa.

we go to casa on every visit to playa. Its the best and nothing touches it. The staff have photographic memories and know your names instantly. The service is superb and a sauce not on the menu as no problem. How cool is that. Dont be shy and think this is a bank loan eatery its not, just an episode in your life you will not 4get. enjoy the blue crab and seafood pancakes.

Wow sounds great, will be flying tomorrow and will definately go and see what all the fuss is about.

well done casa del agua you sure know how to make a guy happy. Went three times in my ten day trip it was the best

wow what a gorgeous place to eat. thanx guys for all the info. massive wine list for those who love a slurp. beautifully presented food and lovely staff. give it a whirl you will not be dissapointed

going out for our first visit to playa del carmen 2moro and are so happy to find this site. Anywhere else reccomended so highly out there as we will defo do casa del agua

tried casa del agua on your sites many reccomendations and it was the best. Well done for all the info

las parillas is ok too but not a patch on the service ambience and food quality at casa del agua, immense experience. Sorba the greek

We are travelling out oct 9th and will be visiting this restaurant for a second time. Its perfect

I just booked my wedding reception at La Casa Del Agua. We have the terrace reserved. I hope it is as good as your reviews. :-)


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