is casa del agua the best place to eat?

where to eat in playa del carmen


We visited casa del agua two years ago and it truly was superb, so good we are returning with friends in oct 06 and we will be booking this, our favorite restaurant. Try the soups and steaks the seafood is delicious and all in tha lovely atmosphere overlooking the sea. Truly a magical experience

blue lobster was good but i agree casa del agua was much better

just got back from playa and we tried the casa del agua after reading reccomendations on your site. All we can say is wow this should be listed as the best restaurant. Never have we been served such lovely food and the service was excellent. Only downside was not much selection for sweets but what we got was delicious and very well priced. Would come back to playa to get this experience again. We stayed at iberostar tucan which served good food anyway but treat yourselves.

try their steaks cooked to perfection. Iagree it beat blue lobster hands down. Also good value and extensive menu. The soup as awesome

Casa was a great experience Ialso rate 100 per cant naturelle their smoothies ara great if a tad pricey

Does anyone rate don emilliones? we are hoping to hook up with friends there in 2 weeks.Is casa del agua a better deal and whats the damage in money

havnt been to don amilliones but casa was great it cost 80 dollars for 3 of us and we stayed all nite

Hi you all Ican reccomend casa del agua as a great place to eat drink laugh and enjoy the company of friends in a beautifully located and gorgeous restaurant. It was also my favourite on 5th

also tried casa on your reccomendation it was truly superb but is getting busier by the day. give these guys your custom and they will give you a wonderful time

blue lobster was really good but casa was the best Iagree

Its my favourite restaurant our friends are hoping to get it booked for their wedding we rate it that highly

Anyone got a menu for casa del agua

casa de agua....superb! I was in the around the 20th of august with my sister; who is an amazing chef herself out of Berkely and we walked by it many times but never ventured in. 2 weeks later I was there on my honeymoon and my wife suggested we eat there that night. We did and it was immediately obvious that this place was not like the others. We had 4 people waiting on us to ensure that all of our dining needs were met. The blue crab was delicious, unexpectedly after eating at some of the other restaurants. The lamb was the best I´ve ever had. And there was water pouring over an entire wall. The ambience was perfect also. I would say that this is a five star restaurant riding a 1st class meal ticket. The menu. We went back a second time also.

incredibly casa is often overlooked as its on the first floor but once inside you know its the place to be. try their home made soupa and lamb and chicken dishas. the seafood will blow you away. their wine list is the most extensive in playa and to compare this with a top london eatery is a definate. the nicest part is being waited on hand and foot by many knowledgable friendly servers. the best meal in playa over 11 holidays there

totally agree. not touristy just perfect 10 out of10

go to la casa del agua site and look at the yummy menu. reccomend the salmon and potato pancakes and the shrimp mains. puddings are also delicious. this place opened in 2001 and has blown the opposition out of the water. sit on the terrace overlooking the ocean with the one you love and there is no better place. the prices are in pesos

Casa staff remembered our visit for our 25th anniversary and gave us complimentary wine. The menu is even better than before. Dont be afraid to try it. their salmon pancakes and chicken dishes are superb served by wonderful staff. In telve hols to playa this is the jewel in the crown.Well done casa del agua.

just been reading the site as we fly tomorrow will definately put casa del agua on the menu. Will let you know how we get on. duncan the food critic

La Casa del Agua is located on the fifth avenue with 2nd street

Absolutely you must have the shrimp / avocado appetizer. Best ever!


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