Restaurants in Playa del Carmen?

hi i am traveling for valentines week and although in an A-I resort. am looking for an excellent stek and seafood restaraunt that is romantic. any help would be appreciated. thanx!


I heard Blue Lobster is excellent

Blue lobster is excellent

tryttry casa del agua 2nd floor restaurant directly on 5th avenue. went for our 25th anniversary it was lovely. great service scenery and delicious food. try the homemade chicken soup topped with creme fraiche cayenne pepper and twiglets followed by the supreme chicken. best meal in playa and the cava wine was

went to this restaurant on a recommendation from a fellow canadian guest when staying on playa last year. it was awesome and the food service and view was spectacular. go there and see for yourself

casa del agua was recommended by our hotel owner who takes his wife there. It was wonderful all round good servise food and classy

take a look on the casa del agua postings and you will read more. I certainly followed reccomendations and was very pleased with the food

Another good meal was at las parillas. Its a little worn but the food is excellent and not expensive. Try the seafood soup with real crab legs then the massive bbq. Heaven

Must agree from an english palate used to 5star food, casa del agua is the best food best service and best priced on 5th aveue. Enjoy

Ihave also tried and tested casa del agua and think this place should be recognised as a wonderful venue


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