Karen´s Restaurant in Playa del Carmen

Does anyone know what happened to Karen´s restaurant in Playa del Carmen on fifth avenue? It was a favorite spot for my husband and I and the last time we went to playa, it was being torn down. Are they rebuilding?


Why Karen? It can be suemi´s or something

Karens was the name of the restaurant. What are you asking?

I will be today in Playa del Carmen, can you indicate where it was located? I will have a look what happened to this place.

It is on 5th avenue between calles 2 and 4. Thanks a bunch, it was a great place to hang out and have pizza and listen to the great band!

The bad news: I was there and have been looking for this place but unfortunately, I was not able to find Karen´s therefore it must have been gone. There was some intense constructions going on on the left side, coming from the bus terminal. Was it there? Maybe they are renovating or it will be replaced. The good news: They have added the prolongation 5th avenue with some wonderfu newl places, small bars and restaurants typical for Playa del Carmen.

Yes, it would have been on the left side coming from the bus station. That was probably it! Thanks so much for the information, I appreciate it! Hopefull when I return in a few months I can find something out or better yet go to the new Karen´s!

2006-01-19: We just returned from Playa & were also looking forward to going to Karen´s as the waiters are very nice & 2 for 1 drinks all day! Unfortunately they were badly damaged during hurricane wilma & were in the process of rebuilding. we were told thay would be openmid February. Guess we will have to wait for next year.

I know Karen´s, as the brother of the owner of the Hotel I work for owns it.....they will be back !!! Bigger and better.....actually they had a semi-opening party on New Years Eve....but there is still alot of construction happening even today.....It will still be called KAREN´s.....so look ofr it opening in the next few weeks!!!

That is great news about Karen´s!! Thanks for the updates.

We just got back from Playa and are happy to report that Karen´s is up and running - we kind of found it by accident when the guy out front asked us to look at the menu. Great food/music/time and the waiter that carries the tray of drinks on his head is pretty incredible.

just came back 4/1/06 karens is open and doing fine but wasent realy happy about the food it was ok casa del agua across the street was great

I just got back from playa today. I went to eat at Karens last tuesday wih my three kids.We ordered three steak and lobster dinners and one pizza. The lobster was like some one mushed it with a hammer. The steak was thin as tissue paper and ice cold. The lobster tasted so fishy, i almost got sick from the smell We could not chew the meat and left all three dinners. The pizza we all had to share. I asked for my bill and looked it over. The waiter put 15% on it and told me that was for the cookd. He asked for another 15% for him. I said ya right, It was the first time in my life i was turned off of lobster. For 138.00 US. it was the first and last time I will ever go there.BEWARE DO NOT EAT THE LOBSTE> JH WINNIPEG

To bad you had a bad lobster. Here´s a hint, don´t order pizza at a lobster joint or lobster at a pizz joint. Last time we were at Karens was in 03, the pizza was great the fajitas were incredible and the band was awesome. Going to Playa again in 2 weeks, going to Karen´s for sure and I won´t order Lobster.

Hello everybody, This summer where bin in Karen`s In Playa del Carmen. The food was Good. There was a band of 3 guys. Is there anybody how nose the name of the band? Tell me please Thanks

cccccasa del agua is the best restaurant in 5th avenue. the scenery service and fusss they make of you is second to none, oh, and the food is a masterpiece and plenty of it. try their homemade soups and steaks. you will take photos it looks so good. what a romantic setting and lovely ambience

iiiii agree casa del agua treated us like royalty and made sure our visit was superb. at one time five waiters attended our table and loaded us up with a banquet for two and the wine champagne was the best ive tasted all for 40foty dollars for two. A must while in playa

thanx for the tip we were looking for a romantic restaurant for our anniversary we will visit casa del agua

ttry the chefs special soup its gorgeous and comes with grilled avocado creme fraiche cayenne pepper and fried noonly things on top itswonderful. I wanted it for my main course aswell until I saw the chicken dish they created and yes they fuss around you in such a way you feel like royalty


I dont agree karens is still ok but nowhere near the best. Tried casa del agua after reading the recs. it blew us away


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