Shangrila-Caribe Resort

Has anyone stayed at this resort? Any comments good or bas would be welcome. What is the beach like?


the best holiday we have had the beach is clean and the service as good as eny 5 star hotel.

Shangri la caribe has one of the best beaches there. If you go closer to town which is south about a 1/4 mile the beaches aren't so nice. At Shangri la, the beach is pure white sand, very soft and the water is crystal clear. My sister commented to me that you couldn't have picked a better spot on that beach to put a resort. Very nice. I stayed at another place 2 weeks later....Villa Sacbe...very nice to but it wasn't on the beach. The beach access area wasn't so nice either. Many fishing boats and garbage. They had sand bags laid down where the tide came in. Shangri-la Caribe is a beautiful area all the way down to The Tides...a new place that's very hip with beds on the beach and umbrella's. Have Fun!


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