tattoo parlor in playa del carmen

Does anyone know of any good tattoo parlors in playa del carmen or in the riviera maya area?


tattoos la suerte on 5th avenue

yes, i know a brilliant geyser, his name is valentino, just off the fifth avenue. he is the nuts. he done a tattoo on my nephew of a tiger. it was superb. hope you find im karen. london

are these places clean and sanitary, etc? i´d love to get tats but dont want to come home with an infection!

what is the age requirements for a tattoo in mexico?

i done a tattoo by valentine 3 years ago about the death of the blind with a giger's biomech inside..steril needles..i need to continue it by only by valentino's i ve my tattoer..but a work must be end by the first hand..aDe..italy

18 with id. or 18 and under with parent with you

Does anyone know if Valentino has a web-site or photos anywhere to view his work. We are heading to Playa Del Carmen next month and I would like to get a tattoo done? Any info you can provide would be appreciated.....Thanks Nancy

Does anyone know if the tattoo parlor la suerte on 5th Avenue in playa del carmen is still there? Thanks, David

Scream Ink in Playa del Carmen ask for Gabriel (Gabby) he does all my tattoos

Don't go to 5th avenue ink. They couldn't even do a simple name tattoo...a 5 year old could have done better & I came home with horrible tattoo that I'm hoping can be fixed by a professional.

Evils in Playa


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