Wildlife ... how wild?

This may be a dumb question but ... How do the resorts in Riviera Maya keep the predatory wildlife out of their resorts? On one site, a person posted a picture of an alligator, taken at Bahia Principe Coba I think. Another picture I saw showed how they feed a croc at one of the other huge resorts. Grand Xcaret is surrounded by and infused with jungle and you have to walk extensive pathways to get everywhere. Everyone talks about seeing all the wonderful wildlife. Am I the only one a little concerned about being up close and personal with a jaguar or alligator or croc? That´s wildlife I only care to see at the zoo!! We´re planning a trip to this area very soon, so any info/insight would be appreciated.


I have been to the riveria maya several times, and have never encountered anything that I would consider a huge threat, not to say it couldn´t happen. I have not personally stayed at the Xcaret, so i can´t comment on that resort. All of the resorts down there are in the jungle, and no, they are not fenced off or anything like that. Now, what you will likely encounter are a lot of cats, iguanas, and various insects. Just pay attention to your surroundings, and you´ll be fine. Have a great time!


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