Palladium Resort in Riviera Maya?

Just wondering about anyones experience at the Grand Palladium Resort In Riviera Maya. Scheduled to go April 2006, during spring vacation week in the east. Leaving for Mexico on Easter Sunday. Any reviews?


We visited in April of 2005 and are going back again in April 2006. It was wonderful. No complaints at all. Weather, food, people - everything was great.

We´ve been there 5 times and returning in June. Best resort we have ever been to!

Any one been there since the hurricane?

I´m going next week will let you know

Does anyone know the website or an e-mail address for the Grand Palladium? I can´t seem to find one.

You can look up the email address through the main website - search for fiesta hotels which is the main company.

I´ve stayed there twice (late june-early july) 2 weeks each time & loved it. Recommend taking part in games & dance lessons. Trio in pool bar, the evening shows & the disco are great. The diving center´s good too.

I new someone who worked there. He said it was a dump. My friend lives in cancun.

I was there last year three days before the hurricane hit. It´s a lovely resort. The drinks were great and we really liked the a la carte restaurants. I especially liked the JApanese steak house.

Great resort. Try this awesome websit. Lots of the members have been there many times. We are going in September. You will see trip report and pictures of the resort. The web site is called the Palladium Addict. I found this site also which I think them members helped with the information. Sally

Sorry, I just read I can´t post a link. You can google Palladium addict.

going to Palladium white Sands 2-17-06. what is the weather usaully like at that time of year ?

i was there in April 2003, and until now (march 2007), it is by far the nicest resort I have been at for a price of just over $1,000... sure, if you want to pay $2,500 and up, you will get more personal service, but this place is amazing... service, food, cleanliness, weather... everything... we are looking at going back within the next month... I always said I would never go to the same resort twice, until I went here...

We are going to the Grand Palladium in Rivière maya in may. In Europe we are used to go topless at the pool and beach. Is it allowed in this hotel or at the beach?


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