Biodegradable Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellent

Most of the resorts and destinations in Mexico require sunscreen products with "Biodegradable" on the label. The best we've found is called Mexitan and it's chemical-free so it's easily accepted in the eco-resorts and eco-parks.


I have been looking for this so called biodegradable lotion aswell, and have had no luck.. do the resorts look through your bags and read the labels?

No, but you will be helping the environment I think that is a great reason to use it.

I agree If everyone tried to get away with that we would not have any tropical fish in the reefs. That is shameful to even think about! Don't you want this to be around for your kids future generation? If you can't find it suck it up and pay the price there. They sell it at most hotels and the parks.

I just returned from Mexico (Playa del Carmen)and purchased bio degradable sunblock spf 50 there. It is Hawaiian Tropic brand and if in a spray form. I have not foud it in the US yet.

I am going to Mexico in 3 weeks with children & planning to go to excart. Should I wait & buy it there or in NY?


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