Zereke- Guinia Pig/Squirel/Rat looking wild animals

Visited the Riveria Maya in Playa Del Carmen recently. Does anyone have any information on those little creatures called Zereke?


I just got back from the same place - have been going there for years. Those little guys are members of the rabbit family. A friend who lives there says they are a cross between pigs and rabbits (?). They live in the caves between the hotel zone and the town (do you remember seing those mayan archaeological sites on the main road. They come out in the mornings and roam the hotel grounds because the tourists feed them. I was distressed when told by my Mexican friend that some people eat them, they are such cute little things.

I visit that area every year, and have seen them many times. While the locals refer to them as zerekes, the scientific name is AGOUTI. They are rodents, not unlike guinea pigs, but much larger. There is a lot of info available about them under that name. Interesting little guys!

Zereke's - thanks for the info. We just returned from Playa del Carmen and had hoped we would find out more about these little creatures on the web.

They are called Sarakes by the locals. They are only found in Playa/Riveira May. Not the east side of Mexico and I have never seen them

I went to playa del carmen last week on holiday and saw those things- the cats always scared them off but they don't seem to be too shy near humans

Do The bit? Do they make noise? are they gross?

I saw these and wondered what they were. I asked a local and they told me it was a Caracas is how they pronounced it. though I might have missed the right pronunciation. they are quite timid but I did get a few pictures. They are so funny to watch. We were 1/2 hour out of Playa del Carmen.

I am feeding one outside my room patio right now at RPM. We love the little creature. We have him trained to come eat around 4:00 every day.


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