Snorkeling for beginners

I have just booked a trip for my ten-year-old and I to the Mayan Riviera. We´re both excited to go snorkling but she isn´t a very strong swimmer - are some snorkelling tours better than others for kids? Also, I really want to swim in a cenote - is this something a young, novice swimmer can do as well?


Yes of Course...cenotes are great for the beginner swimmer....they are very interesting and almost is fresh water, so she may need a life vest...if floating with face in the water is not the best....but for the most part, it is a nice way to enjoy one of the most fasinating things about the Mayan Riviera..... My husband is a Cave & Cavern diver- Guide...if interested in him taking you on a private tour, just to get her aquainted with the water, he is fantastic....especially with young people.... his tour takes you to a place called Dos Ojos...which means 2 eyes....there are docks with steps into the water, and the whole area is especially nice for kids.....if interested in arranging something with him, call Hotel Lunata in Playa when you arrive, and we can put you in touch with him. His name is Manuel.... remember to make it FUN !!!!

How can we get in touch with your husband... we have a group coming down in July...

Xel-Ha is also a great place to snorkel. They also have swimming with the Dolphins! Your 10 year old will LOVE it!!!

We are also coming down in July and would like to go on a tour with your husband (Cave & Cavern diver). We just call the hotel you mentioned? What is his name so we know who to ask for? Thank you

Snorkeling!!! I´m not a good swimmer, over 45 and not a big fan of deep water. Any suggestions? Is the dolphin swim at Xel-ha included in the price or is that additional? And do you know how much? Which is the best trip Xel-ha or Tulum Xel-ha? First time to Mexico. Staying in Cozumel. Thanks.

Xcaret is great for Snorkeling as well, Small Cove very shallow as well as handmade bare rock pools by the sea. all Kid safe and life saver on spot Always. one two rope bridge to play across a small natural water rock pool and sand for toddlers with no waves at all. There is an acquarium and a Turtle protection program with animals on display as well as MAnatees. Its not only a Snorkeling tour, but...whatever...

Just have fun where ever you are!


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