Xcaret vs. Xel-Ha

Just wondering which is better? They seemto be very similiar. Thanks


Both are eco-parks. Each has their own flavor. You be the judge. Xel Ha: a huge snorkeling lagoon, "lazy river" which you tube or swim/float down, diving cliff, a rope swing, beaches, hammocks, shops and plenty of places to eat. All-inclusive include/or extras are: the snorkle gear (I opt out of fins there),(AI unlimited) food, towels, lockers, bikes, kayaks, security bag. Life vests(mandatory), tubes included either way. Pictures are taken in various parts of park for purchase. You can add transportation (see thier website) Be aware that there are two transportation packages offered (one only includes 1 buffet only). Swim with Dolphins, Snuba, and snorkle tours, and Sea Trek Are extra, can be prebooked.The Dolphin programs here are better then at Xcaret (basic offering as far as the interaction, cost less as well) Xcaret, nearly all the same information as far as whats provided. The big difference, is that this park adds the "zoo" element, a mock-up Myan Village, and side shows (in addition to the included evening show), an underground river, a leisure boat ride.Again,see their website. Both places require bio-degradable sunscreen (purchase in towns,at the parks or on the web), and both allow for all ages to participate in all free activities (the cliff diving might be the exception, depends on your personal safety issues). One is nature, nature, the other is that and adds animals. Both are relaxing (NOT Disney), yet fun. Yes these are touristy, and pricey. But it is all in what you make of it.

I am interested in this as well, i have been to xel-ha and enjoyed it, i have had friends at xcaret who enjoyed it as well, but no one to compare the 2 for me. Xcaret seems pricey for what you get?

Yes, it seems pricey. Specially now when construction after two hurricanes are still going on. We from Discovery Mexico actually recommend Tulum - Xel-Ha combination as it is a very interesting and entertaining day tour and includes most of the activities which made this region so popular: Visit of Maya ruins at an extraordinary spot and snorkeling, water activities in Xel-Ha.

It appeared to me after viewing both websites that Xcaret had more in the way of exotic (at least to us Americanos) animals, jaguars, toucans, etc. I didn´t see much about animals (especially land animals) mentioned at the Xel-Ha site. Any thoughts?

We went to Xcaret in 2003 and XelHa last april, I liked Xel-ha better. No reason, just like it better.

Thanks for the info, Xeh-Ha it is!!! I also checked both web sites and it seems that Xel-Ha has more water activities and thats what we want. Thanks again.

My kids can´t snorkel or swim very long. Does anyone know if there are more animals at one or the other?

Did the XelHa/Tulum ruins tour 3/04. Went to Tulum first, so time ran short at XelHa and didn´t get to do everything at XelHa. Had a great time even though it wasn´t long enough. Going again this June and will be going to XelHa.

Xel Ha is better if snokeling is what you want to do. I really like Xcaret but I paid way to much after I added on the snorkeling tour when I could have waited and snorkeled all day a xel ha. I plan on returning to xel ha in march I loved it this much.

Xcaret is a place I have been to two years in a row, however it was part of my Hotel stay. I don´t know what the prices were but, We loved the big evening show at Xcaret, especially.

Hi I and my spouse just returned from Cancun a week ago, and we never went to Xel-Ha, but I can say that we really enjoyed X-Caret so much that we went there twice during our visit...Next year we will check out Xel Ha...hope that helps.

I took the tulum xel-ha tour and loved it! I´m not a great swimmer and the snorkeling area is protected from currents and is fantastic. I swam for 3 hours and didnt get tired. It as fabulous!

We went to Xcaret but didn´t do the Xel-Ha this time. Make sure if you are going to Xel-Ha to bring environmentally friendly sunscreen as they do not want you using the usual run-of-the-mill stuff. Probably cheaper to buy before you leave too. Xcaret reminded me of a scaled down version of something Disney would have. Wasn´t overly impressed with the freshwater snorkelling but the rest of the park was decent enough. My recommendation is to save your money for Xel-Ha snorkelling.

can you snorkel for free at the Xcaret park. We are staying at Grand Xcaret next door and get a free pass with our stay. Has anyone stayed at the grand Xcaret? If so how was it. Likes or dislikes? Thanks.

2006-3-13 Xel-ha is one of the greatest places i have ever had the chance to experence.Being from the mid west my wife had never seen an ocean.Now after visiting Xel-Ha everything else will just be water.

I´ve stayed at the Grand Xcaret and had the X-caret included in the stay. We had fun but if I paid the regular admission fee, I think I would have been a little disappointed. There is so much to see you really need a full day. I will not put it down and there are a lot of interesting things to see. I have not done Xel-ha and probably doing it next week as we leave on Saturday. I am a diver but love to snorkel so I hope it is worth it.

We are going to Cozumel on Father´s Day 2006. This is our first visit to Mexico. We are staying at the Melia Cozumel. Has anyone stayed there and what was your visit like? Any suggestions for first timers! 3 Adults and 2 teenagers. It seems Xel-ha seems to be one of the favorites.

Xel-Ha or Xcaret for swimming with dolphins?

We did the Xel-Ha Tulum tour in 2002. We´re going back to Puerto Aventuras in 2007 and plan on spending a whole day at Xel-Ha. The time spent int 2002 was too short.

You will love Cozumel,the beaches or great for swimming,diveing and snorkel from.We love to rent a scooter in town and ride around the the inland, the beaches are just beautiful on the east side,not to good for swimming but the pictures are awsome and the rock formations are beautiful.Fill up with gas before you start the 36 mile trip around.Theirs and bathroom on the southeast end and than one on the northeast end only and a few places to get a drink and eat. And the golf is good too.


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