Ruins in the Riviera Maya

hi,staying in Puerto Aventuras in march and want to see some ruins. DO NOT want to go to the crowded ones in Tulum. any suggestions for some newely discovered, not crowded ruins in the area or north?


Go to Coba

I agree. Coba is a good option. The ruins of Coba are secluded located about a one hour drive from Puerto Aventuras

thanks for that info, Coba it is

Have been to Chichen Itza (?) well worth the tour.

Chichen Itza is a very attractive tour because first it is a large site and well restored with very interesting features such as the ball game court, the cenote, and the beautiful symmetrical central pyramid and secondly because a tour to Chichen Itza usually is less expensive than tours to Coba or Tulum.

I agree, Chichen Itza is well worth the trip!

this was very helpful. I will be going in May.

I had to bribe my husband to go with me to Chichen Itza on a cheesy bus trip with lots of objections about missing a day on the beach .. and he is still talking about how VERY COOL it was 4 years later. The tour guide gave us lots of great information on the Mayan people and we swam in a well, ( the only negative was the cheesy shopping -yuk) The tour of the ruins was fasinating.. the history was amazing....very worth it -

We are staying at the Occidental Grand Xcaret. How far are Tulum, Coba, and Chichen Itza from there? We are only going to one site. Chichen Itza is probably the best to see, but we also don´t want to drive very far. We´re assuming Tulum is closest, but not sure how far it is. Thanks!

Tulum is definitely the closest, about 45 minutes driving.

Is it possible to bike ride or walk along the beach to the Tulum ruins from Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa? The say you can see the ruins from the resort´s beach

Tulum would be the closest, agree. Go to the ruins and enjoy 1st hand the unique feel of the site. Go early in the morning, as it is less crowded and a bit cooler. Also the ruins in Uayamil inside Sian Ka´an are wortwhile. We stayed downtown Tulum at Luna del Sur and getting to Tulum ruins and beaches was a breeze.

how far is chichen itza from Riviera maya

Just returned from Riviera Maya. Tulum was too crowded with people now that cruises stop there, but if you have never been there before...what an awesome site! We also went to Coba...a ruins I was unfamiliar with and wondered why I had not been there sooner. The setting of these ruins is different from others and has the only pyramid left that permission is given to climb. A favorite ruin to see is Uxmal, but you will need to travel closer to Merida for these ruins. I recommend the bus system.

hi, im going to the riviera maya and was wondering how far is chichen itza from riviera maya. id rather see chichen itza than tulum.

2.5 miles from Riv Maya


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