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Hey 7th time to cancun remember your in a different country, treat them nice and you will be treated great be a asshole and your on your own!!! Remember tip for that all inclusive drink, 50 cents a buck here and there.. booze will always flow and they will break out the good stuff!


that is absolutly right!!! treat them nice, donĀ“t make them feel stupid... and they can trat you like a king!!!

hell why just mexico.treat everybody worldwide with respect, remember garbage in = garbage out.

that is right too!!! I agree with you 100%

:) so happy to read this! Finally, its been a long time since I read positive postings.

Its funny to watch others...I mean here is a beautiful woman walking back and forth on the hot sand of the Cancun beach taking and delevering cold drinks to many people on the beach I looked around and didnt see many people giving a tip not a dime out for a little tip! The peoplke have the this is all inclusive screw them! Yet the same people will sit at a bar pay 3 to 6 bucks for a drink and throw down 1 to 2 bucks a round for tips.Most days on the beach or bar I spend about 6 to 10 bucks down for the day for tips cheap by any standards....I guess what I am saying is leave the tude at home..these people work very hard for there money they are kind and polite for the most part. Jerrdog

so if i just simply handed the bartender a dollar and asked him to hook me up with the best drinks would he want more? would i look like an idiot?

Just look like one if you dont tip. these hard working folks depend on them just like we do in the good old USA. Dont be pissed offf if your service is less that great. I look at the reveiws of hotels and I can pick the ones who pitch a bitch about every little thing that went wrong instead of any thing that might have been great. Same people would bitch in there own country in a perfect situation.

Tip, Tip, Tip people!!!! = great service!!! they are there to serve and make your stay more confortable!!!!

Yup thats right they are there to provide a service ...not be a slave or talked down to, and as you said they can make a stay nice and plesant or one from hell! So tip or not just dont be pissed when you have no clean towles and the bed is not made up for a week, and your drink taste like lemonade or they somehow forgot how to get to your end of the beach or pool.

just had to comment ...some very good points on tipping and treating the Mexican people. Been to Cancun the last 10 years, 1 or 2 a year. We always start our vacation by tipping our maid , bartenders, and servers $10 and through the week or 10 days we stay a $1 or $2 each time. for a trip it might cost us $100- $200 but believe me it is well worth it. We always get the best service available.


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