Water temperature

Hello..Planning to go to Cancun in mid february. Will the temperature of the water be warm enough to swimm ?


travel agent here .... expect water temp about 75 - daytime highs in the 80´s - nighttime, mid 60´s ... hard to go wrong

Thank you...it looks that we can enjoy the caribean waters in feb...thanks

what ia the water temp in december?

Do the big hotels heat their pools in December and January?

can you tell me would you rather go to an all inclusive hotel in los cabos or in cancun? which is better for diving?

Hello-- would you say that entertainment activities are more fun in los cabos or mexico?

Both places are worth the visit!!!

what is the water temp at punta cana 1/5-1/12/07?

what is the water temp. in cancun in late mar?

and what doy you say about the water in november?? the wheater is hot??

what is water temp. in march?

Just got back from Cancun the water temp is great... the only bad thing was the waves were too big to swim in the ocean.

what is the water temp in early april

(H)asta la vista, baby

The buck stops here


what is the ocean temp

im leaving 11/22 do you think it is warm to swim in the ocean?

Your temperatures site only has air temperatures, not water temperatures. See the difference ?

Sorry, I do see the Ocean Temperatures.


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