Personal Safety in Cancun

I am considering going to cancun for my Honeymoon but I am a little bit concerned about personal safty in Mexico. Is it reasonably safe there?


Cancun is very safe. I am 26 years old( female) and have been there 3 times in the last 3 years, and even traveled alone this last trip. The people are very friendly and there are police everywhere, especially at night. Some people say that it is best to lock your valuables in a safe while at the hotels but I never have and have not had any problems.

Cancun is VERY safe. My family and I have been going there for over 20 years. We own two weeks time shares back to back at the Royal Mayan and love it. There is much to see and do and the shopping and swimming is great. Just watch out for the sun !! get a base at home so you don´t burn and use a high spf. You will have a great time !! Congratulations!

what about the water in cancun and surrounding areas can i drink it or will they have bottled water

me and my wife won an all inclusive trip through the company that i work for but passports are not included do i need to purchase one or not iam comming from the us

If you are in a resort you can drink the water, but if you are downtown shopping at the markets you should drink bottled water or beer!

why would you advise young teenages to drink beer while they are enjoying ther time in cancun

Passports are not required to travel to/from Mexico until Jan. 2007. You will need a government issued ID (drivers license) and a birth certificate with raised seal.

I thought you would only need a passport if you are travelling through the states. I am a canadian who will travel direct to Mexico - will I still need a passport in 2007 if I don´t stop in the US any where?

As of December 31, 2006, a passport will be required for all air and sea travel to or from Canada, Mexico, etc. Even if it is a direct flight, it is my understanding that you will need a passport.

yes you need passport

if you donty bring passport, they will send you back in the next flight, good luck!

I have been to Cancun 3x. Never had a problem. The people there all depend on tourism and they don´t want and won´t allow crime. The are also alot more nice and helpfull than in the United States. Like I said they want your business.

Will I have a big problem not being able to speak Spanish in Cancun?

Not at all, most of the people that work for the tourism industry in Cancun speak and understand english.

Just wondering if any one has stayed at the carribean princess hotel?me and 3 friends are staying there in the middle of july and was wondering if anyone has any first hand feedback on it?

Going to the Riveria Maya in a couple days, does anyone know how safe this is and what should we expect? Never been there and would like some input from someone who has been there recently

Is it safe or not safe ? Please I need recent update about Cancun safety?

Cancun is safe I don´t know who wrote a message about shootouts and things like that, that is not true at all, I´m a young woman and have been living here in Cancun for 7 years walked alone at night, took the bus, went to the hotel zone and nothing has remotly happened to me. It is safe.

Thank you for reply. You really encouraged me to proceed with my trip in January. Hope to meet you there

I go to Cancun 2x a year and have never had a problem with safety. I go out at night and walk to the mall and have worry about anyone bothering us. I love it there!!!! Trying to think of a business


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