Tips on Spending Money

I have recently booked a 2 week holiday to Cancun, going on the 5th July. staying on an all inclusive basis. Travelling either 17 other males, who all have a mind of their own.<BR />I would like guidance on what would be a reasonable amount of spending money? will not be buying presents/gifts. Just alcohol and possibly water sports and minor activities such a bungee jumps.


I would say at least take 600-700 dollars....for sure.

2 weeks in cancun 600-700 per / wk

All inclusive= free beer and drinks at the hotel. stay at the hotel and drink for free! water sports and other activities can be expensive- try to get group rates. $800 tops if you drink at the hotel.

You can get by on 100.00 a day but I suggest more.

If you stay at the hotel- and you should-you paid for it, you need next to no money. Unless you go to clubs late at night. If not, you are good with a couple hundred.

My ten year old daughter and I are visiting Aug 25-27 any suggestions for fun stuff?

i disagree with the notion of needing next to no money. There are great side tours that you might want to go on, especially if you are there for 2 weeks. Chichen Itza is great and so is Xel-Ha. and drink at the hotel but dont go cheap, get out and do sme things you will be glad you did.

Bring single dollar bills for tips. I found this to be helpful. Have gone to Cancun and the Playa del Carmen area.


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