Vacation during Spring Break: Will I regret?

I have booked a vacation for me, my husband and my three kids for cancun at the end of march. My kids are 18 16 and 11. Is it family oriented at all at that time. As i am sure the older kids will love it. Im not so sure about my little one??


You will find plenty of things to do with your little one. Be watchful of the older children though

Spring Break time is not ideal (especially with the 18 and 16 year olds...they don´t need a college-type spring break experience just yet.). Summer is tamer and it is off season, so usually you can get good deals as well.

if you stay at a hotel like Gran Melia Cancun ... you will be okay. Just don´t stay close to downtown ... that would show a lot of interesting things going on for your older ones. That you probably don´t want them exposed to just yet ... But if they are responsible and smart ... you really have no worries.


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