Bus Transport from Cancun to Isla Holbox

We┬┤re not fluent enough to rent a car for this trip. contacted ticketbus.com and they do not show Chiquila or Isla Holbox<BR /><BR />is there a site for the Cancun Terminal?


You can take the bus from the central bus station in Cancun to Chiquila. It runs two times a day (last season in the morning and afternoon). The bus stops at many local towns on the way to pick up additional passangers and is often very crowded, and takes about 3 plus hours to get to Chiquila. The price is very reasonable, well under $10 USD per person one way (buy a round trip ticket right away). Look at the different bus lines schedules once you are at the bus terminal for Chiquila on the their board for exact departure times. Once you reach Chiquila you walk to the end of the fishing pier (abount 1 block away) to catch the ferry boat to Isla Holbox. The cost is about $3.50 USD per person, with the trip taking about 15 minutes or so. Enjoy! Paul Madison, WI


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