Mr. Buho´s clothing shop

I am looking for info on a clothing shop that was located by the Hard Rock Cafe in Cancun.I was trying to find out if it still exsict and info about it, possible web site for shop. Also if such shop excist in Cabo san Lucas.


i was wondering the same thing. if anyone finds out if you can order online. please let me know thanks

I was wondering if this line of clothing is made in Canada? I am looking for Mr.Buho clothing....White cotton shirt for a man...please let me know as I am getting married and I need another one for the wedding party.Thanks

My wife and I returned from Playa del Carmen yesterday. We like mr. buho wear also. Still no website but the tags list the following phone number: (52)(999)924 19 00. I hope that helps.

i was also looking mrbuho clothing

I just got home today from Playa Del Carmen area yesterday and picked up one of their shirts in a shopping mall at our resort and washed it all the letters fell off - anyone else have trouble too?

I would like to know too!!! I just came back today from playa and the contact web site in wrong!!!!!

My advice, buy while you are there, why wait until you are back to want to buy something?

2 girls and one

I am looking for the traditional Mexican white shirt(short sleeve), and belted traditional Mexican white pants (same material listed above preferably in whie but the =same

Please note the material is almost a gauze material although it is labeled cotton.

Use the classifieds section for such a request. You will get better response.

Hey so I actually know where you can find a Mr. Buho store in CANADA!!! What's even more is that I work there so I also know that they do online orders for people who do not live in the area.

WARNING: I bought what was supposed to be two for one (2 for 1 ) pants from a Buho store in Cozumel. Total price should have been 69.00 for two pants, one white and one black. When I recieved my visa bill, there was not only a charge of 96.00 from the Cozumel store, but a charge of the same from a store at the airport. I WAS NOT at the airport, i came by cruise ship. The main company did nothing to help me, and the store in Cozumel closed. My credit card company did not pay the additional charge.

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I have also purchased from Mr. Buho in Playa del Carmen on 5th Avenue and 10th Street but have no email or website or no phone # to reconnect with them. The two phone numbers I have do not work and you want to make sure what they are charging you before you walk out of the store. One white shirt for $161.00 is outrageous.....

to the fellow who lives in Canada and who actually works at a Mr. Buho store I would love to get your contact info and speak to you with regards to Mr. Buho in Playa del Carmen on 5th Avenue as I have same problem as gentleman who bought in Cozumel and I would like to speak to someone to try and get resolved to the satisfaction of myself and Mr. Buho. I know you cannot put web sites, email, or phone numbers on this site. Can you say what City you are in?

I found Mr Buho in Cabo San Lucas and also on the RUI Santa Fe resort..... They didn't have the size I needed in the gauze pants......was hoping to find them online! I bought a pair if white gauze with tie waist and a tie also at the bottom of the pant leg on Aruba.......but not having luck online

They have a Facebook page with the correct website address to shop


Remember: No phone numbers, no email addresses and no website urls.