Shopping - Market 28 Cancun

I was told that Market 28 is a good place to go sourvenir shopping. Do you really "barter" for the price of things - how does that work. Don´t the shop opners get insulted when you want to pay cheaper.


I have been to Cancun a few times and going back next month. Rule of thumb.....barter, barter, barter.....They tell you something then you lowball it. In general, when they tell me a price I offer them half....they tell you no no tell them ok and begin to walk away. They will come after you because they want you to buy their products. Start bartering your way up a little at a time until you feel something is a reasonable price. If this guy wont do the next guy will. I feel so sorry for people who go in and just pay what they ask. They will rip you off any chance they get. Tourists I guess aren´t supposed to know better.

Market 28 is FANTASTIC, was there last year twice and yes, you do barter, barter, barter, they expect you to do this. You can get great deals and the people are really friendly and helpful. Can´t wait to go back this year.

9-14-2006 Shopped there and was highly satisfied. Got great deals on jewelry.

Im looking for the mexican wooden frog purse and I would like to purchase. Caqn anyone help me?

how can I purchase the frog purse from Market 28. I saw it over the summer of 2007 in August and didn´t have enought time to get back there and purchase it. I am willing to pay extra!!!! It was made of a deep wood color and had a shoulder strap. Kinda like a canteen

You need to come back to Cancun and buy it this time.

Hahahah, you are funny!!!!!!!!

I have just returned from Mexico. This is my second trip.becareful down at market 28 as I got ripped off.I was sold a charm that wasnt silver.They arent honest and can be very rude to you.Their barting is worse than Irain.

Just got back from Cancun this afternoon, went to Market 28 and have to say got some nice things. They are very pushy and basically know when you walk in to a store, you are going to leave with something, and they will try and get more and more from you. Get what you want at your price, and then be done, walk out before they can offer you other things.. if the store does not look good to you, fight the temptation to go in.. You WILL get some good deals on things. Go in the little side alley jewelry stores for the best in silver and gems.

do they have wooden mayan calendars? or would it be cheaper to buy them in the ruins or palenque?


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