LA BOOM ???!?!?

all sorts of rumors going around that LA BOOM has reopened. I have seen websites on computer selling tickets for new years parties for thisyear at La Boom??!?!? I was just there in august and it is closed with no sign of reopening. what is the deal?! anyone know fatual information????


No sign of reopening sorry!

There seem to be a lot of confusion about this club so I hope what I’m about to say will help you all out. The 1st time I went to Cancun in 04 there were two clubs, one called LaBoom and one called Tequila Boom. .LaBoom played top 40 and Tequila Boom play Hip Hop.(best club I have ever been to). Tequila Boom is no longer open but I do believe when I was there last summer LaBoom was. So for all Hip Hop Heads who had the pleasure of going, enjoy the memories and for those who never been, words cant describe the experience. (xxx)

oh man are u right, by far best club. tequila boom was awesome! i cant believe they have not reopened it or atleast duplicated it somewhere else with that hip hop dj all night n not for 45 minutes. dont get it.


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