First time graduation trip

Please help. My daughter and I are celebrating her senior graduation with a trip for just the two of us at cancun. 1. Should I worry about safety 2. Please tell me the best way to carry money I want to get to the motel, find a wal-mart, buy some snacks and cokes, and stay on the beach the rest of the time except for a little night time fun. Should I bring traveler's checks, I don't want to spend time in a bank. I don't want to leave a lot of cash in my motel room. Help!


1.Dont worry its safe every one is there 2 have fun 2.Take cash/most hotels have a digital safe were u set ur own code plus da banks rip u off cuz they charge like 10% to xchange money 3.Snacks from walmart dats a negative go out/ there are alot of nice places to eat 4.Dont miss out on all dat cancun has to offer by stay'n on da beach 5.Let ur hair down and have sum fun (xxx)

I been to Cancun twice and never have any problems with the hotels and money, take cash and get a safe from the hotel, you will be fine, just relax have some margaritas and meet some friends...


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