Minimum age Senor Frogs

Is there a minimum age? Taking my son and two friends to Cancun for graduation, one of which is 17. Any age limits either at Senor Frogs or other clubs??



he can get n da clubs at 17 /they dont check ID

Most Bars don't check ID. I went on a senor trip with some friends. All were 18 (out of 6), except 2 who were still 17. There Birthdays were only a month away. The hotel gave them 18+ bands, and no where else ever checked ID. Tip: If you go to Cocobongo, find one of the people selling Admissions outside. They work for Cocobongo. Its only $5 more outside, and you don't have to wait at the Admission window, which takes along time. Also, they have to Check IDs at the Admit. window. The people outside will only check if using a credit card. I was going to use a credit car, but didn't have my ID with me, but they next asked for age.


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