New York Style House Music comes to Cancun

Aug 9th - 13th DJ Steve Davis from NYC Visits the RIU Cancun and will guest @ PACHA. If You Like New York Style HOUSE, that´s the place to be


YESSSSSSSSSSS Great news this happens during my summer vactaion NYC in the "HOUSE"

Anybody know what we can expect at PACha on the NYC nights

looks to be a blend of Louie Vega & club Shelter style house music. think of WMC meets NY/NJ

gonna be a blast for sure

what is the dress attire for Pacha at the Riu ??

I wanna go what is the admission at pacha

Dont know how much but Im staying at the Riu with 4 lads of mine

I love my House music, Toronto will be there

what time does Pacha Open at the Riu Cancun. Also is there an Open Bar option there.

House & Trance rocks

I cant wait!!! this week is going to be a big Cancun Event to the max

the Riu Cancun is the best hotel down there by far

is Pacha a large club like La Boom was before it shut down

sounds like a fun time in cancun this week

the lads will be there

me & the girls will be there at The Riu Cancun "without" out Thongs on...going "Butt Naked" this week

House RULES!!!!! Cancun

house week is gonna be rockin

i cant wait

any one going on august 6-13?


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