What to wear??

hey! I´m leaving for Cancun on the 20th of this month. I wanna know what to wear in clubs. Are ppl pretty and all or do they go out in flipflops?


Try to wear something nice, no flip flops please.

im going march 11th im so excited. i think ill wear flip flops and a low cut shirt with a short skirt! lol! i cant wait to PARTY! wwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooo

you can wear whatever u want

i´m going to las americas the 3rd wk of jan/07...which bar hopper tour pkg is the best one? went last year to and had a BLAST! just trying to make the most of the opportunity to let off some steam!!! any hints?!

I am going to Cancun on the 28th of Jan, this month. Does it get cold at night?

Is it hot in the day and cool at night?

hey I wanted to know what to wear to mexixo because I´m doing a project on what mexico people wear

People in Mexico wear clothes as does people in other countries... There are places where is cold and people wear sweaters and there are places where is warm and people wear t-shirts and jeans or shorts.

any girls going from march 14-20????

I am going for my honemone, and I need to know what to wear for nightclubs? any suggestions, from someone that has been there

some fancier nightclubs prohibit flip flops, but most of them you can wear what ever you like.

whatever u want.

if yer a gurl don´t wear anything

Do not worry about what to wear. Their are no restrictions anywhere. You dress which ever way makes you comfortable. Wouldn´t suggest any long sleeves for clubs even if it has started to cool down at night.. clubs are HOT... flying sweat everywhere.

so, girls, are heels too much for a long night in cancun?

If you are used to wear heels it will be the same as for a long night anywhere, you will be dancing all night if you can do that at home with heels then you are good :)

I´m from Texas so, every where I go, I take my cowboy hat!

and how much does a night out cost? sorry, this is the wrong link but no one will answer my question in the proper one. i need to know how much money to take for the average night out. PLEASE

if you carry about $100 dollars ur safe for the night. although you will most likely only spen about $50 a night on drinks and food

well, if you do a party-hopper, that is all you need, all the drinks are included, and the party hopper is only like $70. if not, cover will be from $20-40 on each place...


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