Can anyone recommend night clubs in Cancun?

Going to cancun with my girlfreind,im 32yrs old shes 27yrs old we like to go out,to clubs and chilled bars can you recomend any reasonable priced ones?


Coco Bongo...Margariettaville...Pat O┬┤Briens...Bulldog Cafe should be open by now and it is good. Depends on what you like, but everyone should love coco bongo.

well all of them are hella sick but i really like daddy'o and the city. if you dont like to dance and all u want do is see shows go to coco bongo. for me it sucks

umm coco bongo its the best night club in canun and also senor frog, but thats not as cool as coco bongo.

The City Cancun. It is teh biggest nightclub in Latinoamerica. The lightshow is incredible... The best place.


To answer your question about the best prices if you go to the same bar more than once, then you will most likely get a better deal and not get ripped off. Senor Frogs is not chill it is so much fun. Coco bongo is not for you unless you used to be a raver, but it is something neat to see because it is very different. Margaritaville was boring to me. Carlos and Charley's is more a just a place to eat. Slice's is pretty cool it is small and open so you can either get crazy if you want to or just sit by the open part of the street and watch the nightlife get crazy around you. There really isn't much that is just chill there. You will have the time of your life if you kick it with the locals in the bars and if you do that you will not get ripped off. Be causious of that. Make sure you have very many one dollar bills!!! You won't be able to use american change there and a bus ride is about a dollar each way, but when you get on the bus grab the hand rails because they drive like maniacs!! I hope you guys have a rockin time it was the time of my life and have already booked my next trip there for next year!! It was so sweet. adios amigo.

What age do you need to be to get into Coco Bongos to dink and see the show?

you need to be 18 years old but i lived in mexico for nine years in merida. if you pay the guy who checks id he will let you in i have bean going to cancun ever since i tured 14 and you just need to pay them they dont give a shit about the law they just want money


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