Summer 2006 in Cancun

hi there me and 4 friends are going to cancun this summer and cant wait. were from ireland so dont know much about the place only that i heard its crazy. anyway what i want to know is, what is it like in the summer(july) where shud we stay and where is the nitelife?


Im from ireland too (dublin) and am going in July, am dying for it, id like some info too!!

do u know if its a good time to go and what area to stay. we were looking at the westin or marriot but i dont think they are near the nitespots and we wud probably be right at home in some run down joint. is there many of ye going!!!!

I beleive its packed in our summer months (june - sept) so i dont think you´d go wrong going then. Im only going with my hubbie but we are only 27. We are staying in the omni as far as i know once you in the hotel zone you can get buses to any of the bars and clubs so i wouldnt be worried about being "too far out"

cool, should be class so. i was told there is a hotel shaped like a pyramid that is supposed to be the place to stay. we just lookin to stay at a fairly lively hotel. think ill have to rent a few cancun dvds. do u know any other good websites. cheers.

Are the gay clubs good in Cancun?

yeah i hear they are jk

To all the single girls you´ve chose the best place to come and party I´m 22 and this July is going to be my 5th time in Cancun. To the girl that is going with her hubbie try a restaurant called "La Madonna" it is in the La Isla shoppping center it is a great italian restaurant all the food is prepared in front of you. Back to all the single girls,"We will see you there" (Mike,NY)

me and my friends are going to Cancun July 12th ant girls out there going the same week who know how to have a good time?

so for you who know what cancun is like, where are the happening spots, what are the good pubs and niteclubs.

are there good designer shops for clothes in cancun

I m french and i go to cancun June 25th to July 10 th.

a friend ad i were thinkin cancun for the last week of june... good idea or bad? ive been before but it was during spring break i dont know if its as crazy in the summer anyone know?

i went last july and it was good still packed out in most of the clubs

me and my two friends are going to cancun from july 13 to the 18th i´ve been twice already cancun is awesome! senor frogs is a great party spot and the booze cruise is a most. all the clubs are good. but i recomend getting a party package they will offer u it once u get to your hotel there deff. worth it. you don´t have to wait in line which is good cuz the lines get pretty long. anyone going on the dates im goin? (vicki,delaware)

hi i will be over there with my girlfreind 13th june till 27th,can somebody tell me if the nightclyb "the city" is good just heard about it you see.

flying out on the 27th june from london, anybody know whether or not thats a good time of year to go?

city is a very good club, from what i can remember, has the capacity to hold thousands of people, im pretty sure you´ll have a good time!

Hey vicki, just searching around different forums & I keep seeing your postings on the same sights. Guess great minds think alike, anyway Im headed down to cancun July 9-16. What hotel are you girls staying at? -Mark, Tx.

were staying at imperlas las perlas it´s closer to downtown. are you goin by yourself in july? -Vicki,De

the city is hella fun. but i like daddy´o the best. i just got back two days ago


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