Age restrictions @ Night Clubs? (4th)

Im going to Cancun this coming summer with friends from school. All of them are eighteen but I´m seventeen and I´m short and look more like 15yo. Can I still get into the night clubs there?


You will definitely not have a problem.

i´m going to cancun this summer. My friend is 18. I´m 17 but look 18-19. will i have a problem gettin in ?

has cancun got good designer shops

i am going to cancun in may is it busy then

if ur over 13 ur fine there are sum good shops in the malls n that, not sure wot its like in may

hey im from cancun im 19 years olds, if u wanna talk and know about good places to go Cheers!

I am going near june, anyone use AIM? I´d like to find out whats the best clubs (laboom sounds awesome!)

The best club in Cancun is Coco Bongo....shows are awesome. Margariettaville is also a favorite right now. Pat O´Briens is now open and should be better than ever. I also really like the Congo Bar....small place, but fun....across the street from Coco Bongo. All the places are can´t go wrong with any of them.

How old do u have to be to get into coco bongo and senior frogs??

Everywhere in mexico you have to be atleast 18 to drink, but then agian its mexico. Shit slides really easy.

when is the best time to go cancun and what are the age restrictments like? I am 18 will there be a problem with getting into any clubs?

a bunch of my freinds are goin, n we are 15, can we get in?

no, unless you have an id stating your 16 , i go every summer and winter because my mom lives there right out side CancUn in a small village called La amerrio

ok my friends and I are coming to cancun for grad week which is in june tha 10th so will this be a good time to go and will we beable to get in the clubs since were only 17

18 is the legal age to get in to the clubs in Mexico, but not all places check Ids, it depends on how old you look.

im 17 and im going to cancun this summer and im wondering if ill be able to get into clubs especially coco bongo

18 is the legal age to get in to the clubs in Mexico, but not all places check Ids, it depends on how old you look.

So im going to porta vallarta this April at that time ill be 17 nearly 18 you think ill be able to slide and get a cerveza in mexico? Thanks guys

Is it hot in may

i was in cancun last year as a 15 year old and never got carded to go to senor frogs or coco bongo once. if u look old enough chances are you wont have any problems if ur 15 or older.


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