Party Age in Cancun?

What is the legal age to enter bars in Cancun?


18 years old is the legal age.

how old?

any age as long as u have money

well legaly 18 but if yuor not just act like one and they will let you get in.

do you need an 18 id to get in or no?

im goin to cancun next week with my boyfriend and hes 17 and im 18..does anyone know if he'll have a problem getting in to any of the bars or nightclubs?

no he will not

whats the average age of the people in bars in cancun?

all ages

i was 15 when i went to cancun and i got trashed at many bars he will be fine just be cool and safe

basically a teenager - Jason from da ATL

I'm going to be 16 and my friend will be 16 and we want too go to Cancun for 5 days during spring break. Will we have any problems? We want to get hammered and party haha. So will we be fine?


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