The City night-club Cancun

How do I reserve tickets to get in so I won´t have stand in a long line. I´m interested in the VIP room.


The best way to get in is through your hotel entertainment staff. Let me know where you are staying and I might have some inside connections.

how much money would you spend on average on a night out in cancun? a v good nite out 19yrold nite out! cheers!

$45.00 a night just to get into the big clubs. that is with all u can drink.the city is hella sick

I don't think you save much money by doing the all you can drink. All of the liquor on the all you can drink menu is generic. We just paid the regular cover charge and paid for our drinks as we went and we drink a lot!!! Our tab was about 480.00 (pesos), which is about 48.00 dollars. So, it just depends on what you like to do, but think about it because it can really affect your having a good time since you will be puking if you don't like the liquor you are drinking :)

do they let anyone buy the all you can drink pass if your under 18 ?

You have to be over 18 to be able to drink alcohol in Mexico.

no they dont but the never ask for id, im 16 and im pretty big but me and a friend went to 21 and over clubs and we never got id, unreal ladies there!!

im 16 n goign to cancun in 3 days, could i go on the party bus thing?

my hotel has a band all inclusive system but im the only one in my group who wont be 18 over the summer. what is likely to happen?

do they scan ID's?

da only thing dey scan is dem dollar bills /loot /benjamins /cash rulz in cancun so if u got money den u got ur self a good time (xxx)

with the band system, do they check passports on arrival at hotel? we;re staying at blue bay club and i don't look under 18, i turn 18 in october and all my party are about 6ft 3! so wil they just assume? x

I am going to cancun on the 20th with 2 of my other friends... All the Riu's are great. We will be there from the 20th to the 27th.


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