Karaoke in Cancun?

We are going in March and wonder where we can find a good karaoke bar...


i dunnO but if there is pOst On it quickly! B4 june 19th

Yes there is one in downtown, called Cantabar and is very very popular. Average age 20 - 30.

I understand they have karaoke at Over 30.

Any places where children can sing Karaoke?

yes kids over 16 can go to the one that is in downtown i'm 15 & i like to go every weekend with my friends

any karaoke places for older people in cancun???

I wanna tear it up, I'm 27 and ready for some fun...where's the place to sing my tune?

My Place... formally Over 30

There thos one place in the zone its called My place... and they have it there thats whats up

The Aventura Spa Palace in Tulum has a fun Karaoke Disco!

Senior Frogs has Karoke on Thursdays!!! Awesome place

yes my place is mint !!!!!!

My Place has over 35,000 songs to pick from. Great place and the food is very good. Open 7 days a week.

we go to playa riveria oct 21, any karaoke?

any nice clubs to dance ?

im going tomorrow for a week , i wanna go to a nice club . How much will cost me ?

We met Joe and his wife Feb '07, great couple, great place. He has positioned himself in a tough market (mostly over 30 crowd) We wish him well and glad to hear it's going well. If you want good fun and music without the modern ear splitting, this is the place. we will vist again Feb '08

Joe an Janet are sadly back in Ney York.. "My Place" Is no more :-(


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