Hotel Barcelo Costa Cancun

Hi we are staying at the Barcelo Costa Cancun, has anyone stayed at this hotel, we would love to hear some reviews about this hotel. In the description it says the rooms have an hairdryer, could anyone verify this or should we bring our own.


Hi,i would to known if you love the resort. How was the food, drinks, beach. Thank you

yeah me to im goin to this hotel 24th june- 8th july!! ive looked on trip advisor and the reviews were really goot then they went bad and now theyre really good again but to be honest i think the people are moaning on there over petty things like the music being loud! but in my opinion loud music is a good thing!

loud music is defo a good thing :D . 20th june - 4th July in this hotel

yeah me 2 im goin from 1-15 july,cant wait would love to hear abit about the hotel if any1 hs any info.thanks x

anybody going 12th august? 11 leeds lads all 19 are guna be ready to party!!!

hey every1 im goin 2 in july,cnt wait.ne1 else from belfast goin?

hi every 1.6 loonies from scotland decending there 4 july. 2wks.get ready 2partieeee.

me and few friends staying there 2nd july. i stayed last year you will all love it! any questions just ask

6 belfast lads going to party who all is headin start of august!!!

whats the local beer??? is there many bars and nightclubs close to this hotel

hey 2 the 1.6 loonies from scotlant what age are you all and are yo male or female,also to the person goin on the 2nd july what age ar you?

corona is the local beer...and im 21 male, most of the group are 20 though

i cant wait im going to be here in 3 weeks!!!!!

Hey there! 2 more from Scotland heading out 29th June!!! Where in Scotland are you from? Are you all guys?

nearly 2 weeks to go!!!cant wait,its gona be the best holiday ever.michelle ire x

11 lads aged 19-20 from liverpool arriving on the 29th june, bring on the partying, see you all there x

Me and my friend are of to barcelo costa 7th august for 2 weeks woohooo! were from scotland to im from renfrewshire and my mate is from coatbridge, we cant wait to go! (im female my mate is male, well male most of time anyway lol)

Hey jus back from barcelo-loved it!!!

jus bk from this hotel had a brilliant holiday,hey to carl n callum from london 2 hottys they arrived on the 4/7.x

2 welsh girls 2 weeks from 1st September 2012, can't wait!! Anyone guna be there the same time?? Can someone let me know what it's like there please! Much appreciated!! :)


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