Small all-inclusive hotels in Cancun/Cozumel areas???

We are looking for a small, luxury all-inclusive hotel in the Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Tulum area. We would like it in an area that is laid back and very friendly with lots of local flavor. We want to be able to leave the property and eat at the local restaurants, find dive bars on the beach and feel like we are welcome to be there. Anyone know of such a place in this part of Mexico? We have a wedding to go to at a big hotel, but want a few relaxing days in an "off the beaten path" kind of place beforehand. We will be there in December. Thank you for your help!


I would recommend you to stay in Playa del Carmen everything is near by, but donĀ“t stay at an All-Inclusive hotel if you want to go out and see the local restaurants. You can find excellent options in the following link: <A HREF="">HOTEL PLAYA DEL CARMEN</A>

We are interested in finding information on the beaches in Cozumel area at the hotels.


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