Cancun in July?

me and my two friends are going to cancun in july from the 13th to the 18th. it´ll be my 3rd time so if anyone has any questions ill be happy to answer them for ya.


my daughter, and I are going in July any good advice?

bring travel checks and your bank card. don´t trade your travel checks in the hotel you can find cheaper exchange rates outside of the hotel. i really reccomend going to xcret it´s really worth the 99.00 you can do all kinds of things in there for free like swim in caves swim with fish, they even have jaguers butterfly pavilion. the list goes on and on. when you get off your plane theres going to be a lot of people pushing u to their vechile so be careful and i would keep some ones handy because if you let someone take your stuff for you there not doing it for free so if you don´t want to tip keep your stuff. plus you should tip your driver.

if you want to get somethings cheap go to the farmers market in the hotel zone you can talk them down most of the time. if your going to clubs be careful because you do pay for all you can drink but sometimes the bartender wants a tip if you want a certain drink. your hotel should offer a party package which you can purchase and it covers your cover charge and drinks and you don´t have to wait in line which is really good because the lines get really long.

Do you expect rain in July? I´ll be there the 13-17.

For the excursions, is is best to book it there at the hotel or before traveling? Where do we get the party packages?

When i went last year it didn´t rain in july.

you can get the party packages at the hotel. there should be a rep from your travel company there that will offer you the packages for the clubs. the most famous one is the senor frogs hoppin party it takes you to like five clubs in one night.

Myself & 2 buddies are headed down to Cancun July 9-16th. Looking to make contact with anyone who will be down there around the same time.

I am going to Cancun from July 7-115th with my wife and son. Tips on bargain activities or discounted good activities?

I am going to Cancun from July 7-115th with my wife and son. Tips on bargain activities or discounted good activities?

im going down with two of my girl friends on the 13-18. this will be my third time going a good website that gets you cheaper rates for activities even bar hopping tours is they have the cheapest rates but the only thing is you have to book your tours before you go down there. you save a lot of money if you go to this website im going through them for my transportation and activities and all the activities are private transportation which is nice cuz you don´t have to wait for other people to be picked up.


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