Drinks @ Oasis Cancun?

Anyone who has stayed at the Oasis Cancun? Please let me know what acohol drinks are included in the all inclusive package? also are there only certain hours alcohol is included in the all inclusive?<BR />


I beleive between 9am-2pm. I´m going in mid-Aug

I wouldnt stay there it is a dump! girl got rapped by a staff member when i stayed and it was just terrible.

what restrictions are there at the oasis cancun? do they limit alcohol during certain hours? what about the rape issue?

What?? what rape? I´m going at the end of April, and i heard the drinks are from 10am to 1am...

I stayed there in Feb on 2004. It wasn´t bad but I´ve stayed in better. You get what you pay for. It was just us two girls and we never a problem with the male staff. And the drinks ended at 1am.

Please, please, please, ladies and gentlemen, please watch your drinks very carefully - even if you are with some one you think you trust.

I,m going in november and i heard the same drinks are from 10am to 1 am but they close early because most of us go to the clubs


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