Palace Hotels?

Have you stayed at any of the Palace Hotels? Which one? We are looking for a place for 8 people to have fun. Was it work the cost?


We´ve stayed at the Cancun Palace three times and partied all night long. I had the bartender cut me off cause I was so tired of drinking my throat was sore from swallowing. This is the place to stay. Moon Palace is for more laid-back folks who want to get-away from the partying atmosphere. Sun Palace and Beach Palace is also more for the family oriented folks. Once you arrive and get your bracelets you can use the facilities of all the palace resorts. I would encourage all of you to take in a visit to all the resort properties. i´m partial to Cancun Palace because we have had such a great time.

I traveled to Cancun in 2002 and originally booked a room at the Cancun Palace. Upon arrival, the staff tried to persuade me to go to the Moon Palace. Being the indignant jerk that I was at the time, I vehemently opposed the the suggestion and was rewarded with a lovely room overlooking the air conditioners and service entrance. The atmosphere was as is described in the above posting; a boisterous, booze-filled non-stop party geared towards the college crowd, and other people wishing they were still that young. After a couple of hours of this incessant noise my wife and I decided to take the free shuttle to Moon Palace to check it out and have some dinner (if you stay at one Palace resort under the all-inclusive plan, you may use the amenities at all Palace resorts, a really great deal). I had never seen a more beautiful place in my many trips to Mexico. So I scooped up my jaw (which had hit the floor in the lobby), returned to Cancun Palace to get my stuff and checked in that night at Moon Palace (Sunrise). We spent the next week in blissful luxery, only leaving the resort twice for a side trip to Cozumel and some shopping in Cancun. We can´t wait to make a return trip next year.

Stayed at X pua palace in Riviera Maya, it´s an ecological resort. We like seclusion, things to do that aren´t "group oriented" quiet pools and beaches. This place hit the mark. They´re laid out huts, jacuzzi, private porch with hammock and love seat, You can kayak, bike, dive, and se wild life all in this resort. Also visited Spa Palace Riviera Maya, and are booked ther for fourth of july week now because of it´s 18+ policy, 6 restauraunts, 2 indoor pools 2 outdoor pools, swim up bars and up scale atmosphere. Both A+


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