How is June in Cancun?

I´m heading to Cancun in June of ´07 with a mixed group. We are all in our 20´s and was wondering what to expect.


Wow, a lot of people on this site.....

I´m be in Cancun in June of ´07 as well. There will be 7 of us (all guys). Where are you staying?

when in June are you all going? I´m scared it´s going to be boring..I´m also going with a group(of girls) June 30-July 7

i am going may 26- june 3rd...

let me ease ur mind Cancun is off da chain no matter what wk u go /been there 4 times and yup im go´n back in june (xxx)

We will be in Cancun from June 2nd-7th! There is 7 of us (all guys) but I don´t think we are going to worry about being bored!

yo yo Iam doing the Cancun thing from june 11th till 18th for sure its always off the hook! Party down and keep it real in the field al ite!! Jerrdog

anyone staying at Beach paradise? in june

whats the weather like in cancun in June? Is there lots of rain? We are planning to go too

Cancun in June /letz see dez wordz seem 2 cum 2 mind HOTT!!! SMOKE´N!! HELL!!! FIRE!! jus bring ur 50 block and u will be ok (xxx)

hey, theres 6 of us gurlz flying out on 28th june - 2nd july, stayin at blue bay club, anyone going to be there at that time?

Im goin to cancun june 26th untill july 10th theres 4 of us guys goin from the UK hope it will be good!!!

is anyone gonna be at the Flamingo resort in cancun june 24-29?

no but we´ll be at grand oasis june 24- 29

hey guys cancun baby..!! its going to be hot in june.. real fun.. if anybody wants to have real fun(adult fun) then stay at the blue bay getaway.. fun, sun, sex!!.. baby..!! will be there from 17th june to 2nd july.. its gonna be hot.. if your there at that time then holla back.

Going to cancun June 16-23 is there anything poppin on those days

I will be in cancun on June 16-23. Where are you staying. LN

staying at the oasis and you

6 new york guys heading down June 23-29. Grand oasis...

hey 6 of us scottish girls are headin out to cancun 18th june - 2nd july, anyone else gonna be there about that time? we're stayin in the blue bay club, leave a reply :D x


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