Weather in Cancun late December?

Would you say the weather in Cancun in late December is warm, and water temp is ok as well?


Weather and water temperature are perfect!

I am heading to cancun 12/26...the weather forcast calls for showers everyday. Does it typically rain all day or does that mean rain/clouds/sun??

Is just a few clouds and rains for no longer than 15 to 20 minutes. Today is really nice and sunny for example.

Are there plenty of options from the airport to hotel strip or should you book ahead?

Book ahead, these places are always crowded

this is just another website painting everything related to cancun pink. I posted something here that showed some of what's really going on here but its deleted. Therefore, forget what you see here. The webmaster does not permit any critics on Cancun what makes every comment here worthless as it gives a wrong picture of Cancun. Cancun is everything but safe and I'm sure this will be deleted as well as it does not paint Cancun in beautiful colors.

cancum is a lovely place

We are going on our Honeymoon in December 2008! will the weather be warm?

yes, it will be in the high 70's and the low 80's. you'll love it!


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